Case Studies

Company: Leonard Wood Institute
Challenge: Compiling the work of 35+ scientific experts into one short, 50-100 page research summary that is easy to read for military and government leaders.

Solution: Peters Writing Services reviewed all of the original research and wrote easy-to-read, 1-2 page summaries of each report that explained the benefits of each new development for the modern Soldier. Created a new document template with Leonard Wood Institute colors and branding. Helped design matrixes and introductory content. Hyperlinked content to 2,000 pages of original research for easy access. Performance period: 4 consecutive years.

“We had over 2,000 pages of very critical scientific research that needed to be easily understood by our Department of Defense stakeholders,” said Dorsey Newcomb, Technical Program Officer at Leonard Wood Institute. “Paula’s team consolidated and organized the material so that our military and government partners and others could easily understand the benefit of our researchers’ work. The documents that we received were clear, concise, and accurate.”

Company: Bank of the West
Challenge: Compile and organize 22+ separate compliance procedures written by multiple employees over a 5-year period for internal audit department.

Solution: Peters Writing Services combined all documents into 1 single, comprehensive 200-page resource on a very tight deadline. The new audit manual uses the latest techniques in formatting, chunking, and headers to make it easy to read for both newhires and experienced auditors.

All content was edited to read like it was written by a single person. New cover design uses latest corporate logo and branding colors.

“The new document was so much easier to read and locate information,” said Jason Coyle, Vice President of Technology and Data Analytics Audit for Bank of the West. “We are really pleased with the look and feel, especially the customized cover. Thank you for your help.”

Company: Agility Logistics
Challenge: Make sales training materials more contemporary, using current writing and formatting standards. Make class activities and participant materials fresh and easy to read, as well as more useful after completion of class.

Solution: Peters Writing Services designed a contemporary new cover for the 200-page participant manual, creating a colorful new document template in MS Word that would be easy to update later. Company colors, logo, and branding were added to page headers, footers, and content scheme. New 3-D graphics were added to enhance the impact of the message and brighten the activity pages.

“I wanted our sales training materials to reflect our prominence in the industry, and look more contemporary,” said Bob Rippel, Director of Sales Training at Agility Logistics. “Peters Writing Services gave our document a totally different look and feel. Participants loved the colors and the design, and were more engaged with the training as a result.”

Company: Economic Development Office—Miami County, Kansas
Challenge: Write and edit content for a 32-page county visitor’s guide with a unified voice and strong consumer appeal.

Solution: Peters Writing Services interviewed the Director of Economic Development for style and preferences in the content, plus 6 individual city and municipal leaders. Wrote five different 650-word profiles of each community designed to generate tourism, plus crafted a personal message from the county commissioner. Also authored a 750-word driving tour guide and 650-word community theme article.

“I love working with Paula because she takes my ideas and runs with them,” said Janet McRae, Economic Development Director of Miami County, Kansas. “I give her my input, and she creates an entire article that matches my vision. We are very pleased with our Visitor’s Guide, and we are hiring her again this year.”